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Wrangler is an American based clothing brand. It is a manufacturer of denim jeans as well as other clothing items, specifically workwear. It is owned by Kontoor Brands Inc., the same company that owns Lee, another popular clothing company. It has its primary headquarters in North Carolina, the United States, and has production plants in locations across the globe. Wrangler jeans are also famous in the East Asian zone, in Thai it onyx แปลว่า means or translates to ยีน ส์ wrangler.

Exploring the denim world

Wrangler is known for its denim. ยีนส์ wrangler or Wrangler jeans come in all various colours, designs as well as for both males and females. They come in a range of subtle colours just as black, white, grey and different shades of blue. Some of the cuts include boot-cut, slim-fitting, casual, cowboy cuts etc. They also constantly release new fashion lines that put out new types of denim clothes and jeans. Wrangler jeans are most commonly used by farmers, manual workers, students, and is a frequent choice when it comes to an office or college outfit.

There is no doubt that ยีนส์ wrangler which onyx แปลว่า means is considered one of the best known, popular and trusted brands. For many years, the denim manufacturers have created jeans for not just the American market but also a global market. They are known for providing denim clothing that lasts long as well as fit well. The brand is also popular among people who are looking for denim jeans that are flexible in terms of styling and can be paired with any type of outfit.

When in search of comfort, strength, durability, fashion as well as affordability, Wrangler jeans are the best way to go. You can shop for them online or at stores, and find your best fit.

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