Effects of meditation on the body

Meditation is a fundamental practice that helps you shift your thoughts from everyday worries like work, home, kids etc. and train your mind to stay in the present. Our body response to the thoughts we think. If negativity is there then diseases will make house in the body. But if positivity prevails then the person is happy and brings happiness to others too. Any activity that makes you lose the track of time is an indirect form of meditation.  With the busy schedules one should take out at least 20-30 minutes to sit in meditation. And a beginner one should practice meditation daily and starting with few minutes initially. One can listen to soft and tranquil music, focus on breaths, focus on a lighted candle flick etc. Grab a comprehensive know how about meditation for beginners here.

psychological effects

The psychological effects on the body are:

  • Meditation increases positive emotions like happiness, positivity etc. One feels calm and the happiness within is radiated outside.
  • Meditation increases the sense of purpose and meaning. Meditation is a way to look inside of you. One gets aware of one’s potential, likes and dislikes etc. The person gets self aware.
  • Once we take out time for ourselves and feel good, we automatically improve sociably. We start connecting with others too.
  • Meditation increases the capacity to learn. More brain volume means more brain power.
  • Meditation increases focus and awareness about present moment. The front part of the brain is responsible for focus, attention and concentration. Meditation helps the front part of the brain to grow.
  • Meditation increases our capacity to fight the day to day challenges and not get stressed or panicked with everything that comes in our way. One is less defensive and is more balanced.

If you are new to meditation, then grabbing a complete know how about meditation for beginners is important. The act of meditation has been carried out from our ancestors and now it has gained immense popularity to relieve stress in one’s life from day to day busy lifestyle. It helps the person to have good thoughts and be positive and smile more often.

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