To Get a Better Sleep, Wake up at The Same Time Every Day

If you want to get a better sleep, it’s necessary for you to fix a time to wake up each day. For some people, who are working or are in school, it’s easy to wake up at a fixed time. It’s good to maintain the same schedule on weekends or days off too.
In order to accomplish this habit in you, it’s essential to wake up at the same time for all the seven days of the week.

The time you wake up matters for your health
All of you must’ve heard an expression that “consistency is key”, which is best suitable to this situation. Science is the one that explains the importance of fixed routine. According to it, your body follows a clock called as internal or body clock, which helps in regulating the sleepiness as well as wakefulness level in you over a day period. It also affects your hormonal level, metabolism, your body temperature, and the immunity system.

Usually, it’s been recorded that the strongest sleep drive depends on whether you’re a day working or a night working. But generally, it occurs between 2 is to 4 am, while in the afternoon, it’s between 1 pm to 3 pm.

To Get a Better Sleep, Wake up at The Same Time Every Day

If you’re waking up at the same time every day, it’ll stabilize your circadian rhythm. Also, it’ll keep it strong, so that you get a better sleep and feel fresh during the day time. If you’re having a fixed waking up time routine, it’s natural that you’ll get tired almost at the same time.

In your everyday routine, minimum 8 hours sleep is necessary to have to maintain a right balance between stages of sleep, and for obtaining rest. If you’ll give proper rest to your body and mind, with a good sleep, your ability to learn, the concentrate will get improved and you’ll always feel refreshed and have a good mood.

If you don’t have proper sleep schedule, here’s how you can change it
If you want to make some good changes to your sleep cycle, you need to some adjustments. Bringing such changes isn’t that easy, but when it comes to the benefits you’ll get from it will motivate you.
There’s no doubt that when you get a required amount of good-quality sleep daily, you’ll become more alert and self-disciplined.

Are you a night owl?
If you’re a night owl and you don’t need to wake up early in the morning, there’s no need to wake up early. Have a good and needed amount of sleep to make your life and lifestyle, both healthy. This would maintain the natural pattern of your body.

Quality sleep helps in maintain your internal clock
Generally, it’s recommended by sleep experts to change your sleep cycle after every 30 days. Well, every individual is different, so all will have a different schedule. It’s not important to fix at the recommended time, it’s just important to have 8 hours sleep. If you’re going to fix your sleep cycle, before deciding the time you’ll sleep, decide a time you’ll wake up.

For example, if you’ve to reach your office by 8:00 am, then you need to wake up at 6:00 am to get ready, make sure that you’re going to sleep by 10:00-11:00 pm. If you’ll have this long sleep cycle, you’ll feel better.

Quality sleep helps in maintain your internal clock
When you’ll get used to waking up at fixed time, everything will be balanced perfectly. And once you get used to this routine, you’ll find that you no longer need to set an alarm. With quality sleep, you’ll not only get a perfect routine but also, you’ll get a stabilized internal clock. You’ll be prepared for your next day in a better way.

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