choosing Bolt Fastener

Definition of Bolt

BACO Bolt Company, is a four in one company and is a distributor of fasteners such as a mechanical bolt fastener that is usually used with a nut for connecting two or more parts. A bolted joint can be readily disassembled and reassembled; for this reason, bolts or screw fasteners are used to a greater extent than any other type of mechanical fastener and have played an important part in the development of mass-produced articles and steel structures.

If you lose an old bolt, you may have to guess which new one you need. Preempt this by learning to read the numerical notations used on different bolts. Bolts generally have their pitches described as fine, medium or coarse.

The bolt consists of a head and a cylindrical body with screw threads along a portion of its length. The nut is the female member of the pair, having internal threads to match those of the bolt. Washers are often used to prevent loosening and crushing.

Fasteners, In construction, connectors between structural members. Bolted connections are used when it is necessary to fasten two elements tightly together, especially to resist shear and bending, as in column and beam connections. Threaded metal bolts are always used in conjunction with nuts. Another threaded fastener is the screw, which has countless applications, especially for wood construction. The wood screw carves a mating thread in the wood, ensuring a tight fit. Pins are used to keeping two or more elements in alignment; since the pin is not threaded, it allows for rotational movement, as in machinery parts. Riveted connections, which resist shearing forces, were in wide use for steel construction before being replaced by welding.

mechanical bolt fastener

Carriage Bolts – Traditionally designed for use in woodworking. The bolt features a rounded head minus a slot, as well as a square shoulder that fits in the sunken hole to stop it from turning when the nut is being tightened. Use this bolt when you don’t want a protruding head.

Stove Bolts – General utility fasteners. Their heads are slotted and can be oval, flat, or round. Their entire lengths are threaded.

Machine or Hex Bolts – Also for general utility. They have 6-sided heads and their lengths can be partly or wholly threaded. They are used with ratchets or wrenches.

All-Thread Bolts or Threaded Rods – Helpful when you require additional length, up to 3 feet. These do not have heads and can be cut to size using a hacksaw blade. Threaded rods are secured using bolts fastened on either end.

J-bolts, U-bolts, and eye bolts – Used as hooks or as supports. These also do not have heads.

End Note

Stainless steel bolts can be expensive, but they won’t get corroded. Grade 8 bolts are hardened for maximum strength, so you can use them for installations that require absolute safety. Grade 5 bolts are less strong and should be used indoors, like in furniture.

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