Types of Broadband Networks

Remember dial-ups? Chances are most people don’t know what a dial-up connection is. Especially, the younger generation would never be able to tell what this term means. However, every single person who uses internet knows very well what broadband exactly is. The reason behind this is that broadband always matched its pace with technology upgrades and provided varied kinds of services to people. However, there are three types of broadband connections. Let’s see what the broadband comparison of these three types is,

ADSL Broadband

ADSL Broadband

This kind of broadband connection is provided by your local telephone exchange. Also, this is the most widely used kind of broadband connection. When you see the telephone lines and wires in your street, there are chances that one of those lines is your broadband connection wire. Through these telephone lines, you receive digital signals that get bifurcated into telephone and internet. The speed of this kind of broadband connection depends on how close or far your home is from the local telephone exchange. As the distance increases, the connection and speed gets disrupted. Besides that, if the copper wires through which the digital signals are too aged, that can affect the speed too.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband connection is the most convenient one that does not involve any wires or cables. Mobile broadband is provided to people through MiFi or a USB dongle. These two devices provide the kind of mobile phone signals that let you access the internet. If you just want to use internet on your phone, you can use a USB dongle. However, if you wish to get a number of mobile phone an internet connection, you should be using MiFi since it lets multiple devices get connected.

Cable Broadband

Cable broadband and ADSL broadband are almost the same thing with slight differences. While ADSL broadband would use copper wires to transmit the digital signals, cable broadband uses cables that are partially made of fibre material. As a result of the fibre material, these wires are able to transmit the digital signals at more speed and with lesser disruptions. The material also makes these cables last quite long. This is how the little difference in the material of the cable makes a big impact.

These are the different kinds of broadband that people have been and still use for internet. Based on the convenience and costs, people choose what fits them the best.

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