CBD oil isolate is created through the use of CO² extraction methods. This method separates the cannabinoids from the terpenes and other compounds of the hemp plant, giving us a final product that is 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD). Since there are no other active ingredients present in this type of CBD oil, there is no entourage or synergistic effect with thet best cbd gummies for pain.

CBD oil isolate is the cheapest on the market, but often the cheapest things are also the ones with the lowest quality, so is CBD oil. Since the CBD market is not yet highly regulated, there are many companies that sell poor products as quality products; when in fact the only thing they do is buy CBD isolate from China at a low price, mix it with MCT (coconut) oil or hemp seed oil and then put it on the market as a ‘quality product’ at a much higher price tall.

How is broad spectrum oil made?

Broad spectrum CBD oil is made through a combination of CO² extraction and ethanol extraction.

The process begins with the exact same method used for CBD Isolate oil, but when it comes time to separate the cannabinoids from the terpenes they are added back into the final product in small amounts instead. This allows us to get a small fraction of the benefits of the entourage effect without purchasing a high quality full spectrum CBD oil.


Full spectrum oil is the best in quality

A lot of research around the world has shown that full spectrum CBD oil is the most effective, and for sure it is the best quality product on the market.  The only drawback is the higher price, but if you are looking for a product that will give you all the benefits of CBD, this is your best option!

Broad spectrum in terms of price / quality

As for the broad spectrum oil, it has many benefits of CBD but with a lower quality than full-spectrum oil. However, if you are looking for a medium quality product and don’t care about product quality, broad spectrum oil might be a good choice.


As we can see, the differences between these three types of oil are quite large. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is clearly the best for medical use, while Broad-Spectrum Oil has some benefits over Isolate Oil.

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