Things to Know About BBCOR Bats

 Baseball is such a sport that is loved by most of the people in the world. Playing base ball makes a good time pass. It is a good way to enjoy and spend time with your family and friends. To enjoy a base ball match you need to get a good set of base ball kit. Among all the things that belong to a base ball kit, the base ball bat is the most important thing. People will always prefer to have the best thing. In the world of base ball, the BBCOR bats are considered to be the best baseball bats, the reason is mentioned below in the following article.

use BBCOR bats

 Before you get to know the reason why people love to use BBCOR bats you should know a bit about the BBCOR bats. The term BBCOR stands for ‘Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution’. This is a marked level of base ball bats that provide a good service within a certain limit. There are certain criteria that should be fulfilled by a base ball bat to get the BBCOR tag. You can call BBCOR as a certification for a good quality base ball bat. This certification is not very easy to get. There are a number of qualities that should be present in base ball bat to get this certification of BBCOR.

 There are three types of material that can only be used to make a BBCOR base ball bat. These material are aluminium, wood and composite material. The diameter of the base ball bat should not be more than 2 5/8. There is also a restriction on the length of the base ball bat. The length of the base ball bat should not be more than 36 inches to get the BBCOR certification. There are two types of BBCOR base ball bats, one is the end loaded bat and another is balanced weight bat. The weight of these two types of bats is different from each other. The end loaded bat is preferred for the experienced player and the balanced weight bat is preferred for the beginners. The base ball bats also come with variety in pieces. You may get a one-piece bat, a two-piece and also a three-piece bat. These three types of bats differ in their function or performance.

 If a bat passes all these criteria test then the bat is certified as a BBCOR bat. The BBCOR certified bats look after every minute thing and this is why the BBCOR bats are considered to be the best baseball bats. You can get these bats from a number of stores. You can also get these bats from the online stores. Before you purchase these bats you can also take help from an expert to choose the perfect bat for you. Taking the guidance from an expert is preferred for a beginner to make a smooth beginning.

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