The service that makes websites available to the users is called web hosting. This includes the web pages being stored in computer called the server which is connected through the internet. Now when an user types the required domain name in the browser the website is delivered by the server eventually. Now the question arises why do we need a third party to host a website and not connect the personal computer to the internet. Technically speaking this could be done but is not considered to be a good idea for many reasons.

  1. Home based systems lack the power and capability to handle many users at a time.
  2. If there is a power failure at home your website could also go down. And when you run a business you cannot afford much downtime. A web hosting company will have the required power backup helping you keep the site live.

Today there are many different types of web hosting services available so how do we really choose one? This generally depends upon the customer needs, the size of business and scale of operations. For example if you run a small scale business or would want to host a blog then shared hosting service could be the one for you. As this does not involve much of technicalities. But this will definitely not work if you have a bigger organisation with larger scale of work. Since there are huge numbers of visitors coming on to your site regularly using a dedicated server becomes a must. If you see a further growth of traffic in future then it is always advisable to switch over to VPS hosting. This will enable you to handle larger traffic efficiently. If you lack the technical skills to manage the server then managed hosting plans could be the one for you. Always chose the plan as per your business needs and requirements.

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