The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavior therapy is considered as one of the most effective therapies to help the patients suffering from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, fear and other mental disorders. The therapy is time limited and believes that the thoughts of the person have a great impact on his feelings, emotions and thus affect his behavior. Hence, the trained professional in CBT, helps the individual to identify his problem areas by facing them and trying to question the reasons for the mental disorder and give him better solutions and answers that are more practical and useful in his real life. After completing the Elevation behavioral health therapy, many people say that the techniques used in the therapy were more realistic and are actually the ones that we use in our daily life.

How does CBT help?

CBT is proven to be very effective in treating some serious problems like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, substance abuse, Panic disorder, ADHD, Dysthymia, marital distress etc. Stress and depression are not considered as a simple problem, but disregarding these problems will result in some other mental and other health problems. Studies show that people dealing with depression are less productive and cannot function their daily duties properly. Depressed people are also more likely to fall sick quite often. Their depression also causes them to separate themselves from others and that results in less self-confidence, low efficiency and low ability to concentrate. This would also result in absenteeism and hence less productivity also.

Elevation Behavioral Health

Apart from this, CBT also has been found to be helpful in treating patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder along with the regular medication. People suffering from these diseases often have a suicidal feeling. Treating them with CBT, lowers the risk of suicidal feeling and self-injuries and hence lowers the number of days these patients spend in the hospital.

CBT also helps finding the origins of maladaptive schemas, trauma effects, helps in recalling and recollecting and reconstructing things from the individual’s childhood, depression problems etc. CBT is found to helpful in treating all types of mental disorders just like Elevation behavioral health therapy by combating the reason for the action and behavior of the individual and trying to solve it. The therapy is tailored as per the requirement and hence the duration of therapy is different for different types of anxiety problems. The techniques, things involved etc. will all be different too.

Many studies show that CBT is as effective as taking antidepressant medicines. But with CBT, there is a change in the person for a long term by knowing and resolving the cause for the depression or anxiety. While there are many techniques applied to change the person, the very essential point is the cooperation from the individual to answer and overcome his emotional and behavioral aspects.

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