Diamonds are one of the most valued among all gems. Not only these are the sturdiest material available on Earth but it is also one of the most transparent material. Diamonds, like gold, are of high value and has an equivalent worth of money.

Diamond Appraisal is the process used to determine the currency value of a diamond. Most diamond jewelry is subjected to appraisals prior to their selling. Here is how diamond appraisals are done.

Grading Step

The first step in Diamond Appraisal is measuring the quality of the said gem based on the 4C’s of Diamond. The 4C’s includes Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. The Cut refers to the proportion and shape of the diamond while Color refers to the shade of the diamond. The whiter the diamond is the higher grade of color it has. Clarity refers to the transparency of the diamond. It is determined by its flawlessness. Carat Weight refers to the mass of the diamond in Carats. All of these will determine the value of the diamond.

Weigh In

 After the grading step, the diamond will go under another weigh in. But this time, it is to determine the metal value. This is needed especially if the diamond is a part of a piece of jewelry.

Value Determination

 After all of that, the appraiser will now determine the value. He will need to check on the market value of the diamond as of the day it was appraised. This is needed to be done since the diamond market value changes every day. There are times that the diamond value fluctuates or in some cases rises but most of the time remains in a certain value.

Printed Report

 After all the steps had been done, the diamond appraiser will give the owner of the diamond a printed report of the appraisal. This will serve as the proof of the diamond’s value. It is important to have a copy of the appraisal report to avoid getting a low price on the diamond.

These steps in the diamond appraisal may seem easy but always keep in mind to have a professional diamond appraiser to do the job. Make sure that they have all the means they need like what is mentioned earlier. Make sure to get an appraisal before selling the diamond. Online Diamond Appraisal is also available for contact. Please check out online diamond appraisal to get your appraisal for your diamond.

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