Weight scale of justice

If you are facing a criminal charge it will be quite a discouraging time. To prove you are innocent and quash the case you need an expert defense lawyer. The lawyer needs all information about the case so that he can get a clear view to proceed. Do not try to conceal any facts as they may spring against you during court proceedings. If you confess, the lawyer may be able to find a way out. The following is the list of things you should discuss with your lawyer when you first meet him.

  • Discuss the circumstances of the case:

When you have hired a toronto defence law firm for your support, you should rely on them completely. You have to be open with them and discuss the circumstances related to the case. The incidents that led to your arrest should be told clearly. When you were arrested was anyone else present along? What did the police say as the reason for your arrest? are some things you should say to your lawyer. Make sure you do not hide anything from the lawyer. Recollect the incident and confess everything. The lawyer may be able to find clues from your statement. This will help your case only.

  • Discuss your concerns:

After you have shared the circumstances of your arrest, you can also share with your lawyer the concerns you have with regard to the case. Do you think your family may be affected? or what do you expect your exposure to be? etc.  The defense lawyer will be able to give you the correct guidance and support based on the case.

  • Provide details concerning the behavior of the police :

You may also provide the field details during your arrest. The lawyer should know if you were handcuffed, whether the arrest was made under a proper warrant, if anything was said to the officers during your arrest, whether any search was made of your premises and if so were you informed, etc. Share information about any items seized from you, whether the officers informed you the details of the same in black and white.

  • Discuss the cost of representation:

You should also discuss the charges of the defense lawyer to represent you. The lawyer will provide you a bill and explain the components in it. Make sure you discuss in detail about the cost involved. Also, the bill should be transparent to avoid confusion later on.

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