Having a home to reside is one of the basic needs of a human being. In past times having a home with the necessary requirements is treated as the best comfort of one’s life. But in this advancing era every aspect in human life is undergoing and getting a better change with a digital touch in common. Whether it comes to construction of a house or an office or any project, it would be dream of every person to get the best.

Architectural drawings

The whole concept of a building construction completely depends upon “drawing”, as drawing gives the pictorial idea of a building that is to be constructed. The drawing of particular building gives an idea about each and every minute detail of it. Though there are different types of drawings exist depending upon the requirements the main drawings that gives a complete outlook of a construction are Architectural drawings and Structural drawings.

Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction of buildings in order to satisfy one’s criteria. The architectural drawings include Master plan, Floor plan, Roof plan, details of columns, and details of door and windows locations, Stair details and Elevation of each direction.When comes to structural drawings as the name says it all, it includes foundation lay out plan, beam details, under water resources details, Floor slab details, Roof plan details and overhead tank details. All the details together as a picture give an estimated look of a building before construction. But by looking at such type of drawings the clients may not get a proper of a view of a construction and cannot clearly say about the required changes needed by them. To overcome such problems faced by the clients and provide them with a clear idea of a construction builders and architects are approaching a new way in the emerging digital trend called as architectural rendering or architectural visualization.

To overcome the problem of providing a visual view of a project or construction out of their drawing or to explain an interior structure of a building after construction and to present the projects in more understandable and impressive ways many architects, interior designers, builders and real estate agents are choosing architectural visualization, which means an art of creating two dimensional and three dimensional images showing attributes of a proposed architectural design. Among 2D and 3D visualizations,2D visualization can only present a basic image of two dimensions which may be difficult to grasp by a buyer when it comes to the case of 3D drawings the images are presented in 360 degrees panorama view so it can be easily understood by a buyer.

There is a lot of hard work of architects and 3D artists in giving a design an imaginable look with their own architectural rendering style.  When the architects create a diagram of a construction the 3D artists use a combination of Sketch up and Adobe illustrator. Later with the help of 3D rendering software that fulfills the requirement of a builder or designer a pictorial representation of a building or project is made.

Coming to the advantages of 3D visualization it gives a better understanding on a project through the end. Due its clear visuals one need not spend for separate marketing of their product. The concepts of a project can be easily explained with more accuracy of the locations and it also supports virtual reality where we can simply attach the virtual device to phone and access the settings to get a virtual experience and they can be easily shared.

If the client requires any changes in case of interiors or structural changes before hand, it can also be done by avoiding different sort of loses. With help of this 3D rendering the projects of the designers or builders can easily reach to the clients and get good success rate.

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