Buying a used car will have its own advantages in the long run. Many used cars for sale in raleigh are in excellent condition with proper services done each year. The environmental friendliness of using a pre-owned car for a new one is better for its gas mileage. It is always better to drive an older but well-maintained car which might need 20 miles per gallon than to buy a new car that demands gas of about 35 miles per gallon. The green perspective of the used car that is well maintained gives good mileage and can be kept with you for a longer time. There are environmental costs when there is the manufacturing of a new vehicle and simply add your old car to the junk heap.

In 2004, it was estimated that about 28% of carbon dioxide emissions occurred while manufacturing new vehicles along with the transportation to the dealer. The used cars only range 12% of the above. The remaining footprint of your car against the footprint of a new car’s manufacture and transportation will have a huge environmental impact for sure. There are also environmental impacts if used cars are disassembled, sold or kept in the junk.

used cars for sale in raleigh

You need to be conscious of the fact that new hybrids, in spite of the low emissions and good gas mileage, also have a big environmental impact when compared to the non-hybrids. Having two engines increases manufacturing emissions. The electric vehicles are said to be environmentally friendly and emission-free only if they are connected to a renewable energy source. There are many services available online to access the car’s fuel efficiency. They also help to project the annual mileage, fuel cost and fuel efficiency for a particular vehicle model that you ask for. This helps you to conclude on the weather condition, fuel cost, vehicle weight and many more factors.

Every cars for sale in Raleigh might have a story or a reason for selling it. Check with the seller the history of the car like date of purchase, number of services done, maintenance and serious internal damage if any before proceeding further. Let a trained professional mechanic inspect the car before you purchase. The pre-purchase inspection is a mandatory task to be performed before one proceeds to buy a car. If you are looking to change your vehicle for fuel efficiency, then buying a used car is the best option to consider that offers better gas mileage than your current car or a new one. It delays the additional manufacturing cost of making a new vehicle.

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