Drug addiction today has become a chronic disease that effects the brain in more than one way. Consuming drugs might be a voluntary choice in the first place but repeated use of the same can lead to brain losing control over the body. Many find it difficult to resist the urge of consuming drugs and hence end up getting addicted to them. This kind of addiction usually becomes a complex disease and is quiet a task to quit the same without any professional help. Trying to stop taking drugs on your own without treatment might be a tedious job hence it is important to join a drug addiction treatment program.

Depending upon the extent of addiction the treatment programs can be classified into various categories. When the extent of addiction becomes chronic it is advisable for one to go in for a long term addiction treatment. These type of treatments are generally carried out for a period of 6 to 12 months. The person has to stay at the rehab centre under 24 hour care of experienced professionals. Patients are kept in a very non hospital like surroundings which would help them in re-socialising. The first step of treatment involves a complete detox process in which the patient is required to stop abusing drugs. The person might experience withdrawal symptoms but with proper care these can be overcome. This kind of treatment is suitable for people experiencing multiple relapse. Another type of Drug Addiction Treatment is the short term program. This type of treatment includes 3-6 weeks inpatient care followed by an outpatient follow up. Once the patient is out of the rehab he is required to join a self help group to keep himself engaged in the after care programs.

Unlike the two types discussed above there is third time of treatment program that is carried on an outpatient basis. This type of people is perfect for those who do not suffer from chronic addiction and have a good amount of social support. The patient has to undergo an intensive day treatment program that involves group counseling as a major component. It is important to choose the accurate treatment depending on the severity of the addiction. Also once out of the rehab it is important to join a self help group to avoid any kind of relapse in future.

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