Do you know there are various types of bail bonds? There are four types of bail bonds. It differs a little and depending on the jurisdiction the bond varies. Thus the four different bonds are

  • Surety bonds
  • Cash bonds
  • Federal bonds
  • Immigration bonds

Each type differs in the method of releasing an individual from jail. Do know more about all these in particular, read further.

Cash bonds

This type of bond is implemented where the accused is asked to pay a amount of cash for their bail. Mostly bail bond in terms of cash are returned back to the accused after he/she completed the probationary period of arrest and shows up for the court hearing without fail. If the accused acts as said by the court, then he will receive the whole amount. Actually this type of bail bond may look good, but it is not practically helpful. Since the cash bond will be around thousands of dollars, the cash cannot be accessed for any immediate cause in emergency. Most of all, this bail bond cannot be useful choice for normal people. It is suitable for rich people, celebrities and few other exclusive people.

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Surety bonds

Surety bonds are the choice when you cannot afford to pay the bail bond given by court. When a person is arrested and they are given charge of particular amount to bail, if they are not able to provide that sum of amount then they will search for surety person. Surety people are the bondsman who works for bail bonds. When you search for bail bonds orange county, you can find many experts around the country. Their work is to help you with providing the guarantee requirement to get bail instead of proving the sum of money to the court. For this process, you have to provide certain amount to bondsman. This is the most used bond by general public.

Federal bonds

This is not common among every people. This is related to federal crime. So while moving bail process, you need to consider different bonding process.

Immigration bonds

This is applicable for foreign people. When a person immigrated is under any bail condition, they have to consider getting immigration bond through the bail bondsman. The defendant has to work as the bondsman instructs.

Understanding bail bond is not an easy methodology. It will be quite confusing to understand that is highly recommended to consult a professional.

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