additive manufacturing singapore

The technology built by 3D models where design and innovation together blend to form a revolutionary approach to industrial production is the additive manufacturing singapore. Going by the name, this process of manufacturing adds more material layer by layer to create an object. This method uses CAD or 3D object scanners. This new technology has found application in many industries like Aerospace, Medical implants, Automotives, Lifestyle, and Sports.

The following are some of the benefits of using the additive manufacturing process.


  • The cost of equipment is affordable

With the introduction of this newest technology, the cost of equipment is becoming affordable these days. This will help reduce the initial capital investment. Normally, the capital cost is so high with the cost of equipment taking up a huge amount. With additive manufacturing, this problem is solved. High-quality printers are available at economical rates. With the help of this, businesses can speed up their operations.

  • Availability of training

The fear of non-availability of training for additive manufacturing is no longer needed. Designers are provided a range of training facilities at all levels. Basic training along with advanced technical training is also made available.

  • The cost of prototyping is less

With the help of this manufacturing technology, prototyping has become much easier and also cheaper. Whatever changes are required in the design can be implemented easily. The new part can be printed and you can have the updated design in hand. This is one of the best advantages as it is flexible to adapt design changes without much impact on the cost.

  • Reduces waste

A traditional manufacturing method generates considerable waste. But this is reduced significantly in additive manufacturing. The savings can be as high as 90% and this goes a long way in helping the business. It adds the material layer by layer so that waste generation is eliminated.

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