Choosing a paintball guns for an adult is much easier and to the point task than choosing a paintball gun for a child. The obstinacy and the fasciation of a child for a toy goes hand in hand and their adamant nature of sticking to their guns often drives the parents crazy. So here we are with top three best paintball guns for kids that would limit your choices and you can possibly choose the best one from the lot of these three.

  1. Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun- this is one of the retro classic choices which has entertained children over the years. In terms of durability, maintenance and exhibiting high level performance, this paintball guns for kids stands out totally. It boasts up a solid build and a high level of accuracy too. As far as safety of the child is concerned, this gun is the premium and exclusive choice for your children especially during the paintball sessions. The vertical front grip of the gun makes it easier for handling and prevents slipping of the gun from tiny timid hands of children.
  2. JT SplatMaster Paintball Gun- if price factor is your biggest concern, then this gun is the perfect choice for you since it is the cheapest yet superlative paintball gun for children. In this range you won`t find any other alternative gun which matches the traits of this one. This is also a very premium gun for beginners as well since it is incredibly lightweight and handling it just feels like holding a piece of cake. It bestows a lot of fun since it features the spring action firing that makes the gun capable of ultra-fast shooting.

3. Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun- this one is ideal for both children as well as young adults. It`s fast, safe and comes at an affordable cost. Tippmann Gryphon is a gun that will surely last for long time. Though it isn’t as light as the JT Splatmaster but that doesn’t deter the fact that your child won`t be able to handle it. Many children use this gun since it boasts of high technical features. The materials used for the manufacturing of this gun are light materials. Also, in terms of performance it performs extraordinary as it has the blade trigger that enables smooth and very fast firing.

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