custom zinc die casting

In the field of die casting, choosing right material is a crucial step. Most of the companies fail to sort out right material for certain purpose. For a precise and durable finished product, a ductile and rust-resistant material should be used. EKO industries suggest zinc alloys as a perfect solution for this. They recently started to produce castings using the custom zinc die casting method. Custom zinc die casting is the die casting process in which molten zinc is driven into custom mold cavity under pressurized condition. The mold used in zinc die casting is made up of steel while the molds used for all the other die castings are made up of zinc alloys. Die casting companies use zinc alloys composed of several metals in different ratios according to their own specifications.

EKO Industries uses the typical work piece of zinc alloy which contain 86% of zinc, 7% to 10% of tin and 4% to 7% of copper. The tin and copper ratio varies from product to product. But the zinc ratio must remain the same. Custom zinc die casting has much more advantages than any other metal die casting methods. For example, the molten zinc alloys take much less time to cool and thus makes the solidification process much faster and easier. Unlike other ferrous elements, zinc is highly rust resistant. It corrodes when subjected to air and water at the rate of 1/30th of that of steel.

In spite of its durability and ductility, zinc is economic. Zinc die casting is cost efficient. Zinc is the perfect combination of strength, durability, rigidity, bearing performance, ductility, toughness, and it is economically cast able. Zinc castings have better corrosion resistance, dimensional precision and impact strength than any other metal castings. Zinc alloys can perform this much well only if given to right hands. EKO industries are the only company that uses zinc at its full potential according to customer’s needs.

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