In this info age, all nations must have access to a sound and quality education. Info is more open than ever via the prevalence of digital technology and the availability of the internet. Youth must understand the influence of knowledge in this modern world.

The population of youth in Pakistan is growing rapidly. The requirement to make sure access to a sound and quality education for everyone grows more driving with every passing year.

Leading philanthropists bashir dawood alongside MariyamDawood have helped facilitate the growth of several educational establishments. These were envisaged to offer Pakistani youth the support to understand, learn, and succeed in this modern world.

Supporting InitiativesIn The Field Of Educational

SDSB that stands for SulemanDawood School Of Business, founded in the year 1986. On its unveiling, it’d be the honor of being the very first school to function at LUMS.

SDSB, funded by Bashir and MariyamDawood, with a school named after the father of Bashir. It’s founded on a vision of offering practical and real-world knowledge and experience to Pakistani youth by challenging, consistent curriculum over the conventional educational approaches.

Relevant Programmes, Available Education

SDSB is committed to offering education that is ideal for the usage in terms of the business world. Students can obtain:

  • Weekend/Full-time MBA
  • Ph.D. courses
  • Bachelor’s degree – Majors in Finance and Accounting, Management Science
  • Shorter programs for executives via Executive Development Centre

Bashir Dawood has lent ongoing relief to not just SDSB but several endeavors across Pakistan.

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