It is a memorable moment for every parent, when they have their baby. A baby is also a big responsibility, because they are so tender, and sensitive. You want everything to be the best and perfect for your baby. Shopping for a car seat, bed, dresses, and other baby products is still easy. But buying a feeding bottle is always a task which needs more attention, because if the baby didn’t like it, he will never drink milk. At that time the feeding bottles like dr brown speen come into picture.

What is Doktor Brown Bottle?

Doktor brown bottle is a feeding bottle which is specially designed for the babies. Since this has been made by a doctor himself after long research, some techniques have been worked upon to reduce the medical issues faced because of the feeding bottles.

dr brown speen

Features of Doktor Brown Bottle

Firstly let’s discuss on the liquid flow, since the feeding concept is very new to the babies, it is very important to take care about the amount of liquid that goes into his mouth at a time. These dr brown speen bottles come with a special valve at the mouth of the bottle, to regulate the flow of the liquid. Babies generally have some issues like colic, gas, burping and spit ups. All these issues are caused by the feeding bottles. Generally whenever the baby is sucking the milk, a vacuum is created, and since the baby does not seal his mouth properly to the bottle, some air goes in, and gets ingested with the milk. Due to this the baby faces colic and gas happens. Baby will have cramps in the tummy, which in turn will result in the sleepless nights for the parents. The bottles like dr brown speen come with a special reservoir tube, which prevents the air to get ingested with the milk; instead the air will move above the air above the liquid keeping the air and liquid separate, which in turn also retains the essential vitamins like Vit C,A and E.  Due to the vacuum created while drinking milk, baby tends to suck with more force, it needs more strength, and this process might affect baby’s ear.

Always be attentive when buying the baby products, do your research and get the various reviews before you can buy the feeding bottle. With proper nutrition the baby will also grow healthy, which every parent want to achieve.


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