HACCP in Singapore

When it comes to food the safety regulations are mandatory, you don’t want someone getting sick, or even worse after eating your food. It would make the business look bad. Hence the reason why the HACCP Singapore certificate is there. These types of certificates are needed in a work environment to provide the safety measures to people.

What is this?

This is a certificate is an international standard, it will define the requirements for effective food safety control. It is built around a number of principles, being able to conduct hazard analysis, determine critical points, establish control limits, and establish a system to monitor control, establish corrective actions, establish a procedure for the verification to confirm the system is working effectively, and finally to establish documentation and record keeping. These are the 7 principles that keep it intact.

How can you get this certificate?

If you want the HACCP in Singapore you would firstly have to go to a certification provider, like CCIS. Then the business will undergo an audit by one of the professionals there, and then if all the principles are met then you have got the certificate, and now your business will have an international standard to hold.

How much does it cost?

Becoming certified comes at a cost, to write up an official exam it would cost around $450. With that you would also have to pay around $225 as a fee. And these exams have to be done once every three years or so.

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