Proton Therapy as Treatment for Pediatric Cancer

Proton therapy is the latest and most advanced form of radiation today. It gets into the tumor site without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues outside the area. This type of radiation treatment can be helpful for pediatric cancer.

As we all know, cancer treatment can be different when it comes to children. Treating children with cancer can be challenging since they can be treated on the later part. However, proton therapy is already used in order to treat pediatric cancer. Let’s check how it is helpful on children with cancer.

proton therapy

How does it work?

Proton therapy is a type of radiation therapy that treats within the affected area. It does not do harm damaging other tissues upon treatment. It is effective in a way that the proton focuses mainly on the tumor itself. It can stop where it is supposed to treat the cancer. This is one effective way especially when treating children with cancer.

How is proton therapy beneficial to the patient?

Proton therapy minimizes the collateral radiation exposure to other surrounding healthy tissues. Since this treatment can be directly applied to the tumor itself, there is no harm for the patient to be exposed to the radiation. This also means that the patients will not have any dangers damaging other sensitive body organs. It can prolong the lives of patients and still live a healthy life.

Will this work with other cancer treatments?

There are other cancer treatments that have been used since then in order to treat cancer patients. Proton therapy is one, and it can be used as a treatment together with chemotherapy, and surgery.

How long has proton therapy been existing?

Protons have been around since the 1950’s. This means that the treatment has already been used before. It has been around but it took a while for technology to finally make proton therapy for pediatric cancer treatment.

It is a relief to know that there already are other types of radiation that can treat cancer patients. Proton therapy has already been used in several hospitals and it is effective especially for children. The good thing about this type of radiation therapy is it can kill the cancer cells specifically in the tumor itself. There is no danger for other healthy tissues to be damaged when in therapy.

As technology evolves, there may be other discoveries in order for cancer to be treated. Proton therapy is a promising treatment that can save more patients.

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