Proton Car Rebate and Television Project For BR1M Recipients

Own A Proton Car Using BR1M Money.

The government is currently creating a mechanism that allows BR1M recipients to buy Proton cars using BR1M money as the first installment.

Purpose of Proton Car Rebate.

They believe that this will help BR1M recipients increase their extra income for their families by driving Uber.

What is Uber?

  • For riders – Uber is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. You hire a private driver to pick you up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on any smartphone device. A nearby driver often arrives to pick you up within minutes. Not only is this an on-demand car service, but you can even watch as your driver is on his way to come pick you up.
  • For drivers – Uber provides exceptional pay. It allows you to be your own boss, and even receive tips. Take on fares whenever you wish, work as much or as little as you desire, while meeting new people in your city from all walks of life.

According to Dr. Mohd Irwan, treasury secretary-general, the new arrangement could help BR1M recipients get their cars through Proton Holdings Bhd and get a rebate of almost RM 4,000. He said that negotiations were made with Uber, Bank Simpanan Nasional, and Proton to help recipients improve their standard of living by buying their Uber cars at very minimal cost. Through this effort, they can earn an average of RM5, 000 per month. Taking into account the amount of money that will be obtained as a part-time Uber driver, payment for the car will not cause a lot of burden to the receiver.

semakan brim 2018

Prime Minister Datuk Raka also reiterated that BR1M receivers could use rebates to make their first installment for the purchase of Iriz cars and start driving Uber.

This agreement with the carmakers is in line with the government’s desire to balance the gap between high income earners and low income earners in the country. Before the agreement was struck, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia conducted a research.

The results showed that about 80% of B1RM recipients agreed to continue the assistance.

Uber Approved?

Uber has encouraged people to buy their cars through the program. According to Mohd Irwan, this is a good development in the country as people who take advantage of this offer can improve their standard of living while at the same time making a positive impact on the economy. Meaning, this will benefit the BR1M recipients, Uber and the Malaysian economy. The government has also decided to go through with such initiatives to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

TV Project For BR1M Receivers.

RM308 million. Yes. That’s the amount of this project on the purchase of 2.2 million MYTV decoders. This project aims to distribute TV to semakan brim 2018.

“It’s a good move to start migrating from analog TVs to digital TVs, it’s a fun life for the people”

 – Prime Minister Najib Razak

He also said that by entering the digital age, the world would be a better place. Furthermore BRIM TV service is free and without monthly charges. This has enabled the lower income group to stay connected without having to worry about additional bill payments for their expenses.

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