Videos are amazing mediums for show and tell. They convey a great deal of information quickly. New technologies and social media have made social marketing a business necessity. With the decreasing attention span of the audience, it has become vital to create attractive videos to promote brands, services, new products to this generation. A promo video informs the audience about your products and services. A good promo can generate lot of buzz, make it desirable and interest people to buy your product. These days, every business, big or small, needs a promo. Read further to know more about how promotional videos help a business.

Are Promo Videos useful?

Promo videos are for the wider audience. They should be short and precise. Take one aspect of the product and highlight it. Don’t crowd. It has to pique desirability and interest, generate fascination among the audience. Understand the target group, the core theme of the product. Be creative. Hold the attention of the audience.

All promos are not advertisements. Advertisements are of 30-90 second duration where are promo videos are longer. They can be of 10-15 min duration. Promos are more detailed than commercials, less emotional. Commercials are for branding, promos are more documentary, to pique interest.

Promo videos are good for

  • Putting in Homepage
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Product Launch
  • Product Demo
  • Show the “Behind the scenes “
  • Exhibitions

The steps involved in making a promo video are

  • Pre-production – The objective of the promo and the message, the target audience, the budget, the concept, the viewing environment has be decided at this stage. Set the tone of the video. It can be dramatic, informative, conversational, entertaining, humorous or quirky. Once the concept is established, a script and storyboard are developed. The viewing environment is internet or television.
  • Production – The actors are finalized. The schedules are made. Shooting locations are decided. Rehearsals made. The actual filming is done. The quality of the video can make or break the concept. So use good quality equipment.
  • Post-production – The footage is edited. Voice-overs, graphics, soundtrack are added to the footage. The video is rendered to generate a full motion playback version. Once the final copy is ready, show the promo in media, search engine optimization.

There are promotional video templates available on the internet. If you are a solo player, you can use free software and take web training.

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