Have you ever wondered how it would be like if you can point at the sky and say “that start is me” or “I named that start after you”? Now that would be a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day don’t you think? But is this legit? Is that start really going to be named after what you wished its name should be?

So what’s really the process? You might have heard about this already. Celebrity husbands giving their wives a star. It’s one of the things that we thought was impossible but is actually possible. Let us go ahead and learn how this is done, who knows? You might be interested to name one star in the sky right now.

The Registration Process

You can only name a star that is clearly visible, wherever you are on this planet. It should be visible throughout the year! If you do not like the star, some agencies will be able to rename another star for you. The process would be, you choose a constellation, the date of registration, then the name that you are giving that star. The date of registration should be something that is associated with the star naming. The registrations are usually dated forward. The star name should be important as well. You can use up to 40 characters. You can choose any name that you want.

Name A Star and Give it as a GIFT

If you want to make a special gift for your loved one, putting their names on the sky by naming a star might just be the most special present that they will ever receive. This is one of the most extraordinary effort that you can ever do in your life. Make their day more special. Name a star- buy a star today!

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