Electric guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments that have helped catapult various musicians’ careers to fame. The electric guitar is a musical masterpiece that can be altered to a player’s liking.

If you want to build your dream guitar but can’t seem to afford it, why not opt to buy the lower end copy or better yet, build one yourself. You can do so by acquiring a build it yourself electric guitar kit for you to practice on.

It’s a good start

If ever you don’t have any prior experience in modding a guitar, a safe way to go about it is by getting a build it yourself kit for you to tinker and toy around on. This is a good way for you to familiarize yourself with the various parts of the electric guitar. This also avoids the risk of you misassembling your guitar.

Electronics 101

Since the guitar comes disassembled, including the electronics, this is also a good way for you to familiarize yourself on this aspect as well. The electronics of the guitar are basically very important since if assembled or wired incorrectly, the guitar would just basically be a wooden shell. Also this will give you free range in customizing the guitars, whether you want to keep it stock or change the pickups and electronics, it’s basically up to you. It helps if you have experience in soldering wires, if not best leave it to your local luthier or there are tons of “how to” videos on YouTube.

Finishing the finish

These build it yourself guitar kits usually come with bare wood parts. This means you have a blank canvas to practice your woodwork finishing on. Whether you prefer glossy, satin or even flame tops, you can do almost anything you want in relation to looks, you can even go all natural and leave it as is. Just don’t forget to coat it with some sort of epoxy finishing.

Custom builds

These build it yourself kits offer you free range as to what the finished product may look and sound like. You can choose whether to keep everything stock or you can mod almost everything. That’s the beauty of these kits; you can basically build yourself your dream custom guitar without the hassle of shaping the wood.

Building a guitar from scratch will give you a more in-depth knowledge about how the guitar basically works, as well as the satisfaction of shredding it on stage. If it doesn’t go exactly as planned, at least you have a good practice guitar at home, right?


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