Carpets are extra soft material that gives supple and sensitive feel to your feet. They also protect your feet from hard substances and give extra ordinary comfort. They are commonly used in all households in many countries. Office spaces and commercial lots are of course, the primary ones to install them. The lavishing look that combines with style and comfort makes them a necessary ingredient in all industries. At a juncture where they have become a part of life, it is essential to learn few basics to keep ourselves updated with the trend.

Carpets are made of different synthetic and natural materials to keep them thick and strong. Some common carpet types are:

Nylon carpets:  About three quarter of all carpets are made of nylon. This is because of the durability that this material offers. They are soft, thick and stain resistant. Huge commercial and office spaces, big hospitals and restaurants make use of these carpets where there is huge flow of population.

Polypropylene carpets: These types of carpets are also commonly found thanks to their durability and softness. They are also called olefin and the treatment with chemicals makes them stain resistant except for oil stains. They are less cheap when compared to Nylon carpets.

Wool carpets: It is the softest material of all and is rich in material.  They are available in many colours and designs but a little costly. Low grade wool can be affordable but cannot resist stains. But the lavish look that they give is incomparable.

Carpets are made by bringing yarn together with the help of a base material.  The method in which the yarn is knitted is called carpet pile.

Most common carpet piles are:

Uncut carpet file, cut carpet file, Saxony cut pile, texture cut pile, and frieze cut pile and plush carpet pile.

Knowing the common aspects makes us take independent decisions when we have to get carpet flooring done to our homes or offices.


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