Finding a good router for the wood worker to do the professional work takes great importance. The large routers compared to purchasing the favorite tools that the woodworkers and professionals use is an important decision.  A good wood router may help the woodworkers to create some cut outs in different wood boards and they may decor and make additions of their own choice.

The Router Designs

These tools or the routers typically come into the two primary designs that are plunge and fixed router. However the plunge routers come in the top category that is preferred by many professionals. These  are top wood routers because they comes with RPM motor and can be easily replaced and release the current bits with the new bits, etc.

Large routers compared

The Wood Router Versions

Wood router versions may vary according to the usage. The Wood router comes in power version and hand version.

  • Power Version

The most of carpenters and the handymen use the powered versions for making wood designs. Handheld power routers were invented by Oscar Onsrud in 1915.

  • Hand Version

Some of the traditionalists feel that the hand versions are better that the power versions, as they offer better accuracy and control over the wood.

One other version of Computer Numerical Control router is also found that steered by a computer program to offer some superior precision and to offer automation.

Key features the Routers have

If you are a woodworker and wondering for a good router to make your job more accurate and easier to do something professionally, you must have the sound knowledge about the key features that every wood router must have. So here we make it easy for you to make a convenient choice by selecting a perfect router for you.

  • A good router must have variable speed controls.
  • It has different bit sizes to work at different speeds so that the large bits may rotate at lower speeds as well as the smaller bits can rotate at the higher speeds.
  • The size adjustability option has vital importance in a router.

  • The electronic feedback circuitry makes the router more useful by increasing the lifespan of its engine that makes the usage of the wood router easier for the woodworker to handle.

  • This feature monitors the engine load and prevents the router motor from or stalling when it hits to the dense patches of a wood.

  • The electronic feedback also helps to reduce the chance of speed spinning out of control.
  • The speed management in the start would be helpful to handle the router instead of a sudden blast of speed that becomes out of control later. And it prevents it from jerking in the hand, when you turned it on
  • A perfect router, possessed with a spindle lock feature router to make bit changes with just the help of a wrench to make an ideal use of the router.

So one can find the perfect large routers compared to them by making a good choice through listening all these features to make the usage easier

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