Buying a gift can be a hard task for some people. That’s because you always want to give the perfect gift for that special someone. Some people may think of buying the newest iPhone, the hottest clothes, or maybe the typical roses and chocolate. But of course, there are those that want to give something that means more than material things. Something that will last forever. Well, the perfect gift that not everyone can even think of is a star. And no, not just any star-shaped pendant or a star-shaped ring. The stars that you see at night time? You could buy one and give it as a gift.

The estimated count of stars in the universe is more than 100 billion and everybody on Earth could have one for themselves and their next generation. Stars have been a popular gift over the years. But not everyone thought of ordering one for their loved ones because some of them don’t know that they can buy it. Now is the perfect time to give your loved ones this magnificent gift which you can order from star registry. There’s no doubt that anyone that you’ll be giving this to will really appreciate this kind of gift. It’s not every day that you are able to buy a star to give to your special someone.

Perfect for all kinds of occasions

There’s no such thing as the “right time” when it comes to giving gifts. Stars are no exception. You can just give it to your loved one because you appreciate them so much. You can give it to your parent as a thank you for being right beside you always. You can even give it to your best friend before you both part ways for college. Giving a star during a very special and important occasion just makes it even more magical. You can order yours now at Star Register and pick the star that you want.

Different packages to choose from

The best thing about buying a star is that there are three packages that you can easily pick from. There is the Deluxe Star Kit which only costs $34.99 and already comes with a personalized PDF certificate. Aside from that, there is also a 4-piece gift kit which includes a star map, a celestial software, a star factsheet, and a space photobook. The second package is called the Supernova Star Kit and is special in its own way because you get to choose a supernova star which is an extra bright star. This package includes everything mentioned in the Deluxe Star Kit but with a Lunarland Gift Voucher and it costs $79.99. The third and last package is called the Twin Star Kit. You get to choose two stars that are side by side which makes it a perfect gift for your significant other. It also includes everything that the Supernova Star Kit has and it costs $59.99 only.

Simple and easy process that you will like

Ordering a star from the Star Register is not very hard. All you need to do is fill out the details that they will ask and you’re done. Your star will be registered over at the Official Registry of the Stars so you can easily search for it there all you want.

Stars are very beautiful things that nobody could ever touch. But at least you can name one and have it as a special present to your most loved person. Try buying one now over at Star Register and give the gift of a lifetime.

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