Contract between an individual and an insurance company is insurance. This contract helps the individual by covering some portion of the policy holder’sloss with few conditions mentioned in the insurance contract. Being a broad industry, it includes many job titles.

Kinds of insurance jobs:

Some of the most common job titles in insurance include:

Sales agent:

An insurance sales agent, sells insurance policies to customers by contacting and helping them to choose a specific policy. He explains them about policies and maintains the insurance records of each client.

In order to meet the clients, the sales agents have to travel sometimes.

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Job titles include:

Sales agent

Sales agency manager

State sales manager

Claims clerk:

Also known as policy processing clerk, deals with the insurance policies that are related to paper work. Paper work may relate to claim settlements, processing of new policies or to modify the existing ones.

Job titles include:

Claims representative

Claims analyst

Claims manager

Claims specialist

Claims clerk


Actuaries analyze the statisticaldata such as disability, mortality, retirement rates and predict the risk. Generally, actuaries work for particular insurance companies, brokerages, insurance agencies and also for the government. For this they have to pass a series of tests and require skills in mathematics and statistics.

Job titles include:


Actuarial manager

Actuarial analyst

Loss adjuster:

A person who provides the strategies for reducing the risk of damage or risk and inspects the business is a loss control specialist or loss adjuster. In case of any potential hazards they report back to the insurance agency and also travel to many work places.

Job titles:

Risk consultant

Loss control specialist

Under writer:

Person who decides whether someone looking for coverage should be provided insurance or not. Also helps to set prices for various insurance policies.

Job titles include:

Under writer

Underwriting manager


A person who work and help the customers, seeking to claim after the property is damaged is an adjuster. They have to travel sometimes in order to meet the client and also to inspect the property on which claims are made.

Customer service representative:

Talk with the people to get the details of the property damaged. Often answer to the questions of what their insurance does or does not pay for.

Job title includes:

Customer service associative

Customer service representative

Customer service manager

A broad work category which includes property and casualty insurers, health and life insurance companies, social insurance, insurance brokers and more is called as Insurance.

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