singapore logistics hub

HPL will be the best singapore logistics hub of choice because of its extensive worldwide network of warehouses, which spans the globe from South East Asia to Far East Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.This facility acts as a regional center of excellence for high-tech, industrial, pharmaceutical, and healthcare clients. It provides supply chain optimization and value-chain transformation solutions to help you improve the efficiency of your current supply chain.

As a leading shipping hub for the customers’ and partners’ product and cargo consolidation, they assist them with the seven main hubs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the United States, China, Europe, and Australia.When it comes to HPL Singapore, they are registered under the MES (Major exporter system), and the facility in Singapore is designated as a zero-GST zone bonded warehouse.

Custom-Made Solution for logistics

  • Optimized and adaptable solutions are available.
  • Material handling that is both efficient and effective
  • Deliverability, responsiveness, and quality are all critical.
  • Exceptional levels of client service

The following are the advantages

  • Working capital is reduced.
  • Reduced lead time from the time of purchase to the time of delivery
  • Inventory costs have been reduced.
  • Purchasing in a strategic manner
  • Reduced Fixed Capital Expenditure
  • Outsourcing on a strategic basis
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your assets
  • IT systems and infrastructure that are at the forefront of the industry

Before we get into the specifics, let’s take a look at an example of a worldwide end-to-end supply chain from start to finish. It is the supply chain of a major pharmaceutical corporation. Pharmaceutical and consumer health-related goods are among the company’s primary focus areas, as are the design, research, development, production, and marketing thereof.

According to the simplified supply chain map above, we can observe that this pharmaceutical firm outsources its logistics at several stages along the supply chain. From research and development to production to storage and distribution to trade partners, it relies on external providers in sea freight, airfreight, overland transportation, and control towers and logistics centers.


A contract logistics partner will absorb volume spikes and fluctuations better than an in-house operation because of itsmore extensive scale. With the flexibility to share facilities and labor, contract logistics companies can shift resources around and react in ways that manufacturers are cannot. In particular, businesses with intensive launch and promotional cycles that may cause distortions in expected flows would find this quite appealing.

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