used cars in rancho cordova

You’re about to hand over your car to a dealership for trade-in, which is the first step in moving on to a newer, better vehicle. But when you go into the dealership and hand over your keys, you’ll want to make sure that the used cars in rancho cordova you’ve been driving has as much value as possible so that they can give you a fair deal.

Here are tips to keep in mind:

Wash your car

If you want to get the best possible price for your vehicle, a clean exterior will go a long way. Remember that the you’re looking to trade in your car, not sell it to a private party. So make sure everything is clean, shiny and showroom-fresh.

Check for dents, scratches and body damage

This is the least you can do for your car before trading it in. At the very least, check for dents, scratches  and other obvious damage to see if your dealer will be able to gauge how much your vehicle is worth by pulling out a magnifying glass or looking online (i.e., Edmunds ).

Check all fluids and lights

This includes oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and parking light fluid. If these are all low, the dealership will know that your vehicle is not worth as much as you told them.

Check for any loose bolts or screws

This will give the dealer a heads up to any issues with the car. For example, check to see if there are stripped or rusted bolts on your car that could cost a lot of money to replace at a later date.

Bring proof of ownership

Nothing will show the dealer that you’ve taken good care of your car more than having the proper paperwork. Showing proof of ownership will help your dealership trust you, which means they’ll be more likely to give you a fair deal.

Bring records

used cars in rancho cordova

Any and all records of maintenance you’ve done on your car before trade-in will make your dealership trust you even more. They’ll see that you’re a responsible driver who has been taking care of his or her car.

Bring an old car insurance card

If you still have the old car insurance card and you no longer have a relationship with the company, they might be able to get the new purchaser to switch over to their plan when they take ownership of the vehicle.

Check your pressure

The tires are one of the most important parts of your car, as they are what allows you to drive your vehicle. If any of your tires are low, you should fix that before bringing it in to the dealership. It will be especially important if it’s winter and snow or ice is forecasted while you’re there.

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