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Seafood is loved by everyone worldwide. Many different fishes, prawns, lobsters, and crabs are eaten worldwide based on local availability. But the common problem everybody faces is its stench and the strenuous cleaning process. Unlike meat, seafood is not so easy to prep. They have many steps to clean, gut, remove bones, and filet them. This is one of the reasons why seafood is cooked only on special occasions. But what if you could buy fresh seafood cleaned, filleted, and delivered to your home? seafood supplier singapore are ready to do that for you. But it is always better to get it done at home, so let us learn a few tricks to do it at home.


Descale the fish using a scrubber. A simple hack is to use toothpaste and let it sit for a while, but you need to wash off the toothpaste thoroughly.

Starting from the anus, give a shallow cut to the belly of the fish. Slice it open and gut the fish, its intestines, and all the other tissues.

Filter the fish carefully without tearing the flesh too much and pull the bone out.


Calms must be cooked fresh, and check that they are not opened while buying. Opened clams are dead and not suitable for eating.

Soak the clams in water for 20 minutes in fresh water, wash off the dirt and scrub it with a brush.


Lobsters are very difficult to clean than cook. Taking them out of the shelf is the most challenging part. It is easier to cook it and clean it, but if your recipe asks to cook the flesh together in curry, you must first twist the tail out of the body and pull out the intestines.


Seafood is challenging to clean and takes time to prep. But if you know the tricks and hacks, you can easily crack them open. Cleaning them can be dirty work, but the hard work is worth it for the taste buds.

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