If you are buying an electric guitar and you would want to assemble it yourself, you can buy these kits online and do it with ease as there are a lot of instruction videos and manuals available with pictures which explain each and every step of assembling clearly. This will help even a novice who has never held a screw in his/her hand to fix up a electric guitar by themselves.

How to go about it

Check out the best places where you can get the kit and a of good quality, check out the pricing and there are some really high end ones which may not fit in the budget but buy ones that are good value for money. When you unbox it see if you have all the parts that are stated in the manual.

The set up of guitar really involves five major steps

  • The proper attachment of the strings.
  • The proper positioning of the neck.
  • To check the action on the guitar.
  • The check out the intonation of the sound produced.
  • The pick up height of the guitar.

The set up may seem elaborate when written down but each detail is specified so that the person does not get confused in any which way. If you watch the video of any set up the demo will help get the procedure done in a right way. Each picture or video will definitely give to an insight to set the guitar right and not make mistakes which are cumbersome to rectify.

Setting up a guitar by yourself is picking up something new on the way, and it may take a little longer because it is your first time but it is well worth it. You will really save a lot of money as well trying out something new in the process. The guitar kit assembly will be an endeared one.


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