In the trending digital era having a smartphone in hand makes the task easier as many important tasks in our day to day life are done in less time. The apps installed in a smartphone according to ones’ criteria help the person. In case of these phones there would be pre-installed apps that come by default during the purchase of the mobile. When the mobile gets overloaded with the apps it slows down the performance the mobile and becomes troublesome for further usage as it may frequently switches off and sometimes certain apps may stop working.

To overcome such problems of a smartphone and improve its performance “flash tools” are used, which are specifically designed for “Media Tek” android device as most of the people are android users. A Media Tek android device is an android device which has Media Tek chipset; a chipset is the base of a device that controls all the functions of a device. There are many other chipsets are available in present trend but due to the outstanding features MediaTek chipset is installed in most of the android devices. So the people who are facing problem with their mobile performance can troubleshoot it with minimum technical knowledge by understanding the concept and performance of a sp flash tool download.

  • In general the smartphone flash tool applications are used to flash stock ROM, which acts as the operating system technically known as firmware in case of mobiles. It comes as default without modifications but if needed it can be changed as device supportive to run on a particular device. The applications can also be used in other cases like custom recovery, firmware update and to unbrick a bricked phone, bricking means the device totally gets hanged and cannot be operated at all. In order to solve such troubles and make a device more efficient one has to approach a good website that offer a SP flash tool download. While flashing a device with a smart phone flash tool application the device must have Linux operating system with a pc that has Windows operating system as support.  These tool apps are supportive only to Linux and Windows operating systems. The other things required while flashing a device are:
  • Fully charged mobile that need a flash.
  • PC or Laptop with Windows Operating System.
  • USB Data Cable to connect device with PC or Laptop.
  • Media Tek VCOM Driver (special software installed in a PC or Laptop to detect a Media Tek chipset device to access the files of the mobile).
  • Scatter file, a scatter file in an android device is termed as the file used to describe the load on different regions of an android device running on Media Teks’ ARM architecture. These files help the flash tools to read the load and revive the android device from bricking.
  • Other files that are needed to be flashed.
  • Back up recovery, this helps to back up the required files.
  • To download the required SP flash tool application.

After downloading the required flash tool application in the pc one has to extract the files from zip file package and load the scatter file later uncheck all the boxes that appear, then one can proceed to the Recovery box and recover desired file. After getting confirmed with the desired file in the Recovery Box the remaining boxes can be unchecked. After unchecking the other boxes the device has to be switched off and connect to the device and click on DOWNLOAD button on the top and click ‘yes’, when it is done the flash tool will carry on the remaining process and recovers the device to normal state.

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