Human being is a social animal, who prefer to communicate in different forms with fellow beings and in present trend the way of communication took new forms. Such communication forms include social networks and blogs. The social networks generally have one to one or one to all communication depends on one’s criteria whereas blogs simply known as web based journals or digital diaries where the hobbies, ideas or different interests of a person are shared. The person who maintains a blog is called as blogger. Based on the interests of a blogger though a blog is maintained out of passion, if the blog is professionally maintained and developed, it helps the blogger to earn some money out of it.  Travel blog is one of the blogs which helps to earn money by the blogger by turning them into a professional travel blogger.

A person who likes to go for frequent tours based on one’s own interest, he/she gains a lot of experience during their travel to different locations in various aspects like tour planning, budget adjustment, more sites seeing with less wastage of time.Any person who has interest in travelling to different places and has effective representation of their experiences with impressive image posts in their blogs can be called as a travel blogger.

In order to start a travel blog for a professional purposefirst the blogger has to choose a name to the blog. Setup hosting for the blog later install a WordPress and learn how the blog dashboard works then download a unique theme to represent the tour concept and a design a Logo. Later one has to install the necessary plugins that helps to run the blog. When all setup is done one can start posting images along the details of their tour. With the help of such blog people get relevant information regarding their tour which makes them hassle free.

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