Like what the saying goes, music is life. There will always be a moment in your life that you just want to relax and listen to some music. Everywhere you go, you will always hear music and see people listening​ to music.

Because music had become a part of everybody’s daily life, businesses had found ways to have endless music or songs available on mobile. That is why music streaming came about. Here are four favorite online music streaming sites everyone has been using.


You definitely had heard this app especially if you are a music lover. This is the most popular music streaming online. You can search through millions and millions of songs and add it to your library. You can also create your own playlist and have other users add that playlist to their account. If you are using a free account, be prepared to be plastered by unskippable commercials every now and then. If you want to fully maximize your experience in this app, then pay a monthly subscription of its premium version.

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music practically has every kind of music you want to hear. It has all the songs that ever existed including all of the different versions and covers ever known. However, like any free online music streaming apps, it has lots of ads. There is also an ad free version but of course, it is not free.


Pandora is one of the best music streaming apps that allows you to customize your radio playlist. You can choose and play only the songs that you like. It is also plastered with ads and unskippable commercial. Its premium version which is Pandora One offers a higher quality version of the app without ads and interruptions. Like any upgraded version, it is not free.


Jango is definitely the perfect app for those who do not like ads and commercials while listening to songs. The best part of Jango is it is absolutely free. You can enjoy your online music streaming with ease and fun. You can also customize your own playlist and save the songs or artist you love.

You can check out this sites to enjoy the latest and trendiest music available online. With just a smartphone and a good internet connection, you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere you are. You can turn your dull day into an upbeat and less boring day.

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