Five Things Solar Nails Completely Nail

Solar nails started off as a brand of acrylic nails. But now, salons use it to refer to a specific type of technique and blend of products. What makes solar nails different from acrylic nails is the fact that they are new! Nicknamed as “pink and whites”, these are applied in various layers to your nails. To be a lot more precise, there are two layers of it- first being white and second being pink. The pink layer is applied only over the nail bed.

It becomes really challenging to figure out why exactly solar nails differ from acrylic nails. But a few advantages that you get from solar nails make it obvious that after all, solar nails and acrylic nails are two different affairs. Here’s a list of things that solar nails totally nail!

They are refillable

Since the solar nails are refillable unlike others, this causes great convenience. It saves you from constantly finding yourself in the salon. While acrylic nails need you to visit a salon every 2 weeks and cause extra expenditure, solar nails don’t put you through that trouble. Solar nails stay for at least 4 weeks without fading and looking dull. Busy women stick to these since it saves time and can easily be refilled.

solar nails

It doesn’t discolor during a tanning session

If it is summer already and you have decided to hit the beach and get tanned, you can count on your solar nails to stay perfect. A lot of people are under the misconception that solar nails discolor while in extreme sun. That’s a false story and you don’t have to worry about your solar nails while in the sun.

It lasts longer

For busy working women who cannot constantly keep an eye on their nails, solar nails stay for quite a long time. This takes away the burden of having to getting it fixed again and again. Solar nails use several layers for a strong base coating that protects the artificial nail. This gives it a good consistency.

They have a glossy appearance

If you are using an acrylic nail painting means, you have to have an extra coating of it to give a glossy finish. Even after doing so, it fades away in some time leaving your nails look dull. On the other hand, solar nails give a natural luster-like finish without having to apply an extra coating. And this glossy appearance lasts quite long.

They are nothing like acrylic nail extensions

A lot of people are worried that acrylic nails would damage the real nail layer underneath them. To overcome this trouble, you can choose solar nails over acrylic ones. Solar nails do not cause any damage to the real nail layer!

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