used luxury cars in chicago

Most drivers dream of buying a luxury car at some point. They can fantasize about traveling along the coast in a red sports convertible or appear at work on an exquisite and exclusive journey, but in the end, they come back to reality. The high price of such an exclusive car means that most drivers will have to settle for a dream. Unless, of course, buy used luxury cars in chicago. Here are some advantages of this choice.

Improved security

Although passenger vehicles, as a group, have become much safer lately, the more advanced safety features are much more common in luxury cars and trucks than in non-luxury ones. According to Consumer Reports, more than two-thirds of automobiles with front-side airbags, anti-lock brakes, curtains, and traction and stability control systems cost more than $ 30,000. Not surprisingly, high-end cars consistently receive higher safety ratings than their less-luxurious counterparts.

used luxury cars in chicago

Best value

Although they retain their value better than ordinary cars, used luxury cars still depreciate at incredible speed. After five years of ownership, they lose approximately half of their original value on average. Avoiding most of this depreciation is one of the greatest benefits of a purchase. In fact, after these first five years, depreciation rates tend to stabilize. Therefore, the resale value of the car is still relatively high.

Excellent condition

As a general rule, used luxury cars are better than cheap ones. There are two reasons for this. First, they are simply better facts. Second, their owners tend to take better care of them. The additional TLC they usually get means that these cars are often in excellent condition when they are finally sold or sold for a new model. The second owner receives a reward for small additional expenses.

The latest technology

Known for having all the extra bells and whistles, the luxury rides are equipped with the latest in security and entertainment technology. Features such as remote starters, backlit TV screens, Bluetooth, rain-sensitive windshield wipers, Wi-Fi and electronic parking tools are often becoming the standard for high-end models. Even if the car is several years old, it should include more of the above characteristics than a new economic car. 

More power

Even if they are not sports cars, high-end cars constantly offer more energy than non-luxury models. Another Consumer Reports poll found that cars costing less than $ 30,000 rarely have more than 300 horsepower. For comparison, a large percentage of luxury models had at least 300 horses under the hood. In addition, there was no need to upgrade the engine to meet this threshold, because a more powerful and powerful engine is standard on most high-end models. It should also be mentioned that exquisite walks also open new horizons when it comes to fuel efficiency. While some brands are definitely lagging behind, many others offer better fuel miles than those made for the masses.

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