Sanitation & hygiene are important to the health, development, and survival, it is very important to take right measures and provide right sanitization facilities to the people. Many countries in the world are challenged in offering right sanitation for their populations, and leaving people at higher risk for sanitation, water, and hygiene related diseases. This is the reason you must look for the right recogida de residuos sanitarios and keep our environment healthy.

What’s Sanitary Waste?

The sanitary waste mainly consists of the bathroom waste. It includes:

  • Soiled tissue papers
  • Baby diapers and adult diapers
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Condoms
  • Materials that come in bodily contact and is contaminated with the bodily fluids, like urine, blood, or faeces.
  • Pet & animal litter.

In addition, at the household level, waxing strips, bandages, shaving blades & sharps, syringes, dead insects & pests can lead to spread of the infectious diseases and is considered as the sanitary waste

Hygienic Sanitary Management Solution

Disposing of the sanitary waste is a nerve-wracking and sensitive experience as poorly maintained sanitary bins are the breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Objectives of the Sanitary Waste Management

The main goal of the sanitary waste management solution is reducing & eliminating severe impacts of the waste materials on the human health & environment to support the economic development & better life quality. It can be done in a most effectual way, by keeping down the costs as well as prevent the waste buildup.

Sanitary pads getting dumped in landfills are picked up by the animals and birds that can lead to pollution of land & water. The microscopic plastic particles, which reach our ocean also gets transferred through various layers of food chain, and where final result can end up on the plate.

For tackling such issues, sanitary waste management solutions have evolved from past many years. But, when we talk about the disposal of the soiled sanitary pads, there’s not any clarity on the classification of such type of waste.

Follow Good Practice

The sanitary waste must never be flushed in the toilet. It can result in blockages in the pipes at the sewage treatment plants & septic tanks, and cause sanitary and sewage waste to pollute rivers, sea and beaches.

Safe Waste Management Practice

Businesses may help by offering facilities for safe, hygienic and discreet disposal of the waste products. Right disposal units, well-stocked and clean hand washing & sanitizing facilities are very important.

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