Breastfeeding a baby is the best that a mother can do and also breast milk is considered to be healthy for a child and it is also responsible for a child’s growth. But a mother cannot breastfeed a child forever and a mother has to replace the breast milk with bottled milk. Now in case of bottled milk it is important to use a proper bottle to feed the child; there are a lot of things to know about best fles (Fles is the Dutch word for bottle); the key features that should be there in a good bottle.

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Key features of best fles

There are a number of features that one should look for while buying a baby fles.

  • Low flow or controlled flow- It is important for a child to learn the feeling of satiety or the feeling of fullness; so if the bottle doesn’t have a low or controlled flow then the baby will never understand that he/she is full. Low flow or baby controlled flow bottles are the best fles for babies.
  • Nipple type- The nipple of a bottle should be similar to mom’s nipple so that it becomes easy for the baby to go back forth from bottle to the breast easily. So the nipple of the bottle should be wide textured resembling that of the mother.
  • Venting- If there is proper venting then it would help reduce gas and colic while the baby drinks from a bottle.
  • Safe materials- No bottle is perfect but there are materials that are considered safe like stainless steel, silicone and glass are considered safe as compared to plastic.

These are important things that should be there in a good fles while buying a good fles for feeding the baby.

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