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When your upper eyelids get operated, you get rid of wrinkles & lift dropping lids. And lower lids are done to reduce the ‘eye bags,’ which are noticeable. It’s very important to know to have the realistic expectations with your surgery result as with any other cosmetic treatments. Procedure can hide your look of tiredness, however you must ensure it is a procedure that you have to do and find out everything possible and choose the right eye bag removal singapore service.

Finding the Right Solution

The best solution for eye bag they may get is eye bag removal. This is also called as blepharoplasty, the surgical treatment that removes fatty deposits under your eyes. The eye bag removal treatment is one highly admired cosmetic surgery that is done by many people. The eye bag removal treatment generally takes an hour or so. It makes use of the general anesthetic & might need you to stay in the hospital for overnight. This procedure for upper lid & lower lid varies and there will be the incision one centimeter above your eyelashes.

Through this incision your surgeon may separate any flesh from fats & trim your sagging muscles. There is nothing to worry as incision gets closed with the fine sutures. After your operation, bandage and ointment will be done to your eyes. There might be a little swelling and bruising but soon it will subside. Sutures are removed for 5 days. And recovery time might vary from one patient to another.

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