A word Wart is defined as they appear like typically small, rough, and its growth is very hard in nature that are similar in color to the rest of the skin. They even do not result in symptoms typically except when on the bottom of the feet and it may have the possibility of pain. These are usually appeared clearly on the hands and feet. They can also affect other locations of the body. The symptoms cannot be detectable sometimes. An infection caused due to Human papilloma virus. In short it is termed as HPV.  There is a chance of transmission of this infection from one person to another when that person touches the warts. In addition to that, it is also possible to get warts from using towels or other objects that were used by a person who has warts.

wart removal

Preventive measures to be taken after wart removal:

The most important instructions to follow are by keeping your wounds clean depending on the type of wound you have and it will also depend on the method used. For suppose if the wounded part of your skin is not properly cleaned then there is a chance of infection affect. Mostly in many cases, simple soap and water are enough. In addition to that keeping your wound clean, you need to keep the wound covered. This will eventually help in not only keeping the wound clean, but also it prevents the infection if affected. Cover the wounded area with a required bandage and apply antibiotic cream on the spot.

However, it is mandatory to notice that some products prevent you against using any skin creams for a certain period of time intervals. You are advised to follow all instructions. For instance, once your wound has started to heal, a scab may begin to form and new skin may start to grow gradually. In fact, that is why it is advised that you always keep the area covered.

Complications may occur during healing process:  If you encounter any complications during healing process of a wound result in bleeding, infection. There is a possibility of extreme pain. Immediately consult the physician with no issue.  Then the body begins to clear itself off toxins .probably it can more efficiently absorb nutrition. Hence depending upon the body immune system there is a chance of this infection to come back especially wart removal .because this kind of infection is carried out with a virus that can travel freely at a moist environment. Always hope for the better cause to get rid of warts eventually after the surgery session.

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