September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is the opportune time to have your child checked if you suspect anything. Bear in mind, early diagnosis can help improve your child’s chances of recovery.

Yet chances are you’re not aware of what to look for. Rest assured it’s not your fault for not knowing. Early detection is tricky since the symptoms can look like any other type of illness. Thus, it’s easy to overlook especially if you’re not aware of any problems. We list the typical signs you might want to consider as a possible symptom of cancer.

Pay Attention to These Common Symptoms

The common signs to look out for are bruising or swelling. Likewise, be concerned if your child has unexplained bleeding. Limping for no reason at all can also be a red flag.

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Take note the number of times your child complains about fatigue. It’s natural for them to feel this way due to their active lifestyle. Yet too much could be a warning sign as well as frequent headaches. Be worried if your child tells you he or she is having problems with their eyesight.

Symptoms Can Reveal the Type of Cancer

The type of cancer your child might have can often be deduced from the symptoms they display. If your child experiences nausea and is vomiting or has blurred or double vision then it could be a sign of a tumor in the brain or on the spinal cord. Likewise, be wary if your child has difficulty walking or has a hard time holding objects.

Neuroblastoma is a form of cancer found in younger children, often in infants and toddlers. If you notice unusual swelling of the belly or abdomen then it’s advisable to have it check. If fever occurs at the same time then the risk increases.

Wilms tumor affects the kidneys. It commonly happens in children 3 to 4 years old. Symptoms to watch out for are poor appetite, pain, and fever.

How Early Detection Can Help

Early detection helps make the management of childhood cancer easier. You can seek medical attention at once. At the same time, determine the best therapy for pediatric cancer based on your child’s specific condition.

Early detection is vital to rule out your child’s susceptibility if your family has a genetic predisposition to cancer. Regular visits to the doctor can help in this case. In doing so, you can prevent cancer from advancing to the point that it becomes harder to cure.

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