full-blooded pitbull

If you think about having a pet, most people would choose a dog. That’s because dogs are really responsive and can make you feel like you’re with a human being who listens to you. This is also the reason why dogs are often called a man’s best friend. If you pick a dog as your new housemate, you will never go wrong. Just know that you already have a responsibility and that you just can’t leave them behind to fend for themselves since they will rely on you. Give them the attention that they need and train them so that you won’t have a hard time around your house.

buying a Pitbull

If you are looking for a very loyal and loving dog, pitbulls are the best choice. They are very obedient and smart which makes it easier for you to train them. And if you are the athletic type, they will be your companion during your morning jogs. Some people also bring them during their hikes, that’s how energetic they are. Pitbulls are also people-pleasers who will do anything to make you happy. That’s why having them around will really lighten up your mood every day. So if you are interested in buying a puppy, you must know the different pitbull dog price just to be sure. You wouldn’t want to buy from someone who will rip you off, right?

Things to consider

If you plan on buying a pitbull puppy or any breed of dog for that matter, you have to watch out for several important things. It actually depends if the dog has complete papers detailing the breed of the parents. You wouldn’t want to buy a puppy that the breeder said is full-blooded pitbull when in fact, it’s not. Also, the bloodline of the puppy will show you how much it’s worth. Another thing is that female puppies are more expensive compared to male puppies because they are selling you something that could be a breeding stock. Naturally, the breeder will have to add more because there’s a possibility of you becoming their competitor. The last thing to consider is that the price also depends on the color of the puppy that you choose. if it’s on the rare side, then the breeder has the right to charge more.

Watch out for backyard breeders

Before you buy a puppy, you must know the legitimacy of the breeder. That’s because there are times that the living conditions of the parent dogs are not good. Sometimes the parents are not healthy and have health problems. They tend to abuse the dogs for money. You should not support these kinds of people because there are times that the puppies they sell already have health conditions and some of them gets thrown away. These breeders are not licensed too.

The dangers of Inbreeding

Some breeders may experiment by breeding dogs that are close relatives. That’s because they want the dogs to become “well-defined”. This means a bigger head, big body, etc. Inbreeding can result in bad offsprings with many health problems. So even if your puppy has better traits than other pitbulls, the underlying bad condition is most likely worst too. The correct breeding should be from distant cousins for the dogs to have the traits that you desire.

Choosing the right breeder and making sure that their price is correct is essential in buying a pitbull. All of these can affect your dog and your life too. See to it that they are healthy and that everything is legitimate.

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