Don’t know which digital door lock would be the best for your HBD flat? Check on the features of each product to understand which one would be the best for your home. A digital lock for HBD flat is a smart keyless locking solution that would provide the best security in perfect voguish-ness.

Here are some good buy-in digital locks for you to have a safe and secured HBD flat in Singapore.

5 best smart door locks to buy for your HBD flats

  • Samsung Digital Lock

It is one of the most popular digital locking systems in Singapore. The use of fingerprints, smartphone apps, NFC unlocking count for its demand. The other features include Wifi connection, One Time Password, Random Security Code, Clear Voice Guidance, Anti-Theft Setup and others.

  • Philips Digital Lock

Philips uses advanced technologies for digital locks and offers convenient usage and a secure home entry experience. The features that make it to the top list are Fingerprint access, Password access, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others.

  • Hafele Digital Lock

Hafele offers a range of smart locks that would allow you to monitor your home security remotely from anywhere and anytime you want. They are user-friendly and have features like Fingerprint access, RFID Card, Password access, Double verification and others.

  • Kaadas Digital Lock

One of the leading manufacturers, Kaadas offers a competent keyless solution. The features include Fingerprint access, RFID Card, Password access, User-friendly access, Sensitive Touchpad screen, Automatic locking and others.

  • Schlage Digital Lock

Schlage offers smart locking solutions that perfectly suit your present lifestyle. Features like Smartphone App, Fingerprint access, RFID Card, High-temperature warning, Random security coding function and others make it quite popular.

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