The ancient grouping of symbols include swastika, throne, hooked knot, handprint, water libation flask, vase of jewels, lidded bowl and a pair of fishes. All of them are the Symbolism in Buddhism, which are all sacred and holy. In Buddhism, these eight symbols are considered as a good fortune that represent the gifts given by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha right after he received an enlightening

Fish Symbolizes Happiness

The pair of fishes basically represented the two major sacred rivers of India- the Yamuna and the Ganges. These rivers are correlated with the solar and lunar channels. It begins in the nostrils and carry the varying rhythms of the Prana or breath. They have religious importance in Jain, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, as well for the Christians as fed by the five thousand men. In Buddhism, the fish represents happiness because of their freedom in moving around the water. They also represent abundance and fertility.

The Treasure Vase and The Lotus Definitions

The Urn of Wisdom or the treasure vase symbolizes health, wealth, longevity, wisdom, prosperity and the wonder of space. The Lotus is an Indian flower, which blooms from the dark waters swamp flawlessly. They considered it as the dominant Buddhist symbol of purity and renunciation. It characterized the full blossoming of healthy deeds in heavenly liberation and flourishing of wholesome activities, which are accomplished with full liberty from the responsibilities of the cyclic existence.

Beautiful Impact of The Human Lives

The right-turning white conch shell shows spirals toward the right and clockwise direction. It is an ancient Indian that features the Heroic Gods, which the excessive conch shell horns declared their valor and triumphs in war. Symbolizing the deep, beautiful, melodious, pervasive and an interpenetrating sound of the Buddha Dharma. The endless knot or eternal knot symbolizes the intertwining of compassion and wisdom. The victory banner or the Dhvaja banner was the ancient Indian warfare military standard. It helps them overcome the defilements.


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