Economic Citizenship

What is Economic Citizenship? When a person needs a citizenship in another country by investing in that country’s economy and clearing all the legal formalities is called Economic Citizenship. This helps the person to acquire more money in investing international business. The countries which offer economic citizenship gets profit by increasing their GDP rate and money flow increases in their economy. There are countries which offer the second citizenship in different ways from immediately to 12 years of residency of the individual. It is more advantageous to the people who can travel visa-free to many countries. The economic citizenship countries allow the investors in their market at certain rates and waives off the taxes by making the business easy. Even the investor’s families are also allowed to the country with a defined fee.

economic citizenship countries

Interest in offering citizenship by countries:

As the known fact, offering citizenship to the wealthy individuals helps the country to increase Foreign Direct Investment which helps in rising of their GDP and money flow in the economy. Even the employment of their citizens is made easy. Many countries are even offering immediate citizenship and strengthening their financial institutions according to the study. Some countries offer the citizenship in 3 to 12 years. However all the legal proceedings and rules are tough to buy the citizenship in some countries? The countries offer the travel benefits to the individuals over some countries which will be visa-free and making their business easier. The taxes are lowered to attract the investors. The investors and the country are both benefitted by the policy of citizenship.


The individual seeking citizenship will have a chance to lead more luxurious and independent life in the country with the money he invests. This is due to the high business opportunities in the foreign land. List of economic citizenship countries can be given by the resident years: Dominica, Cyprus, Malta, Grenada, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. These countries help the citizens to get their citizenship according to their Immigration laws.However, there are some security risks involved in offering citizenships even after the legal process. Thus getting of economic citizen in different countries is helping many people to achieve their dreams of foreign investments. It even has become very easy in the present scenario as there are many agencies making the process simpler and flexible to everyone. Wealth is invested in a right track by getting citizenship in different countries.

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