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Dentists widely use dental implants since they allow a missing natural tooth to be replaced by an artificial one. An implant consists of a metal part in the form of a screw to recreate the root of the tooth. This treatment may seem painful to you, but do not worry; this practice is prevalent, and it is done in the greatest comfort thanks to various anesthetic techniques. The surgeons of dental implant singapore present to you below four advantages of dental implants for a new smile!

Avoid Bone Loss

If natural teeth are lost, for example, the lack of stress over time leads to bone loss in an accident. Similar to muscles that are no longer exercised, the jawbone also shrinks when not in use. The advantage of implants is that they physiologically stress the jawbone again, i.e., they stimulate the bone in a similar way to your own teeth and prevent the breakdown of the jawbone and bone loss.

Prevent Incorrect Loading of Teeth with Dental Implants

Another advantage of dental implants is that they protect the jaw from incorrect loading. Missing teeth and gaps in the teeth put more strain on the remaining teeth. The teeth, which serve as bridge abutments, have to absorb an increased chewing force that would otherwise be distributed over all teeth.

Firm Hold & Security

A particularly decisive advantage of dental implants is the firm hold and security they give patients. For example, (existing) prostheses can be firmly anchored on an implant, which has the advantage that the patient is spared painful pressure points. Since implants’ use eliminates the need for a palate plate, the preservation of the sense of taste can be guaranteed.

Final Words

Of course, one should not always wait until the tooth is lost before considering an implant. In the case of periodontitis at an advanced stage, it should be decided early on whether a tooth that is not worth preserving should be removed to prevent bone loss through dental implant in Singapore.

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