When computers take a massive place in technology, it is when internet security is created. With this comes Avast Antivirus. This darmowy antywirus was developed by the Avast Software and is used for macOS, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. Though the Avast Antivirus provides premium version, but it also gives a free version of it that delivers an outstanding service for firewall, browser security, computer security, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing.

What is found in Avast?

Avast, a huge security company, takes up the world in utilizing next-gen technologies. With these remarkable technologies, cyber-attacks are clearly resisted real time.

The company works gigantically in offering the most comprehensive threat discovery system in the world. With their created darmowy antywirus software, around 400 million of users are protected. Other than that, the company is well-guarded by a professional team that grips cyber security expansively.

darmowy antywirus

How is Avast’s antivirus protection works?

Avast antivirus obtains an impressive behavior shield which monitors and watches how each piece of software acts. Anything that is recorded as a suspect is instantly uploaded to its cloud servers. These cloud servers work over in investigating malware-signature database.

Avast free antivirus may not cost even a penny but it still provides worthwhile benefits to users. This option ties the gap with premium products. Even features directed with the free version of the software are outstanding. These features include:

  •   Stand-alone Web Browser

This browser protects you from both hackers and infuriating advertisements. What it does aside from these things are it filters web pages that hold poor reputation, permits you to download videos straightly from hosting sites, avoids malicious extensions, and safeguards your banking sites by separating your sessions so it cannot be tracked.

  •    Password Manager

Avast provides password manager which adds more security to your password. It is thoroughly crucial to use a password manager so hackers can never steal them. There are already millions of passwords being hacked because of how weak they are which is a basic mistake to deal w. With Avast’s offered free password manager, hackers are easily evaded.

  •    Network Scanner

Security is extremely crucial when it comes to both hardware and software. To achieve the best protection, this free antivirus provides it so scanning for susceptibilities is much easier. It is easy to identify security problems with the help of this impressive scanner.

  •    Wi-Fi Inspector

Wi-Fi inspector is an exceptional feature Avast free software delivers. This tool quickly scans your network for any potential security issues which lead to easy threats. It even checks your network’s status, links your device’s to networks, and even delivers unfailing router settings.

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